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Phred is the yellowish-green star of Phred on Your Head Show and The URL with Phred Show, as well as Noggin's original mascot.

He is presented as eager and prepared. Phred has a unique personality that differentiates him from the rest of the characters on his shows. Despite his quirkiness, Phred always finds a way to connect to his volunteer co-host (a child) and make them laugh.

Phred is voiced by Doug Preis.


As stated in the Phred on Your Head Show opening prologue, Phred was originally a mascot for Phantastic Pickles. He was bored with his life, being printed on pickle jars, until a major event occurred. His pickle jar rolled off of a supermarket shelf and Phred was introduced to the real world. He saw other pickle flavors (sweet pickles, dill pickles, and chunky beef pickles) and was astounded at how large his surroundings were. However, Phred was soon without a home. He searched for a place to think and soon was teleported by a young girl to the dot of From that moment on, Phred hosted his television show from inside his dot.


Phred is of a simple design. He is mostly yellow-green. Phred has four short limbs and a large, bulbous nose. He has a large smile and two beady eyes.


Phred appears in every episode of Phred on Your Head Show and The URL with Phred Show. He also appears in many Noggin commercials.

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