The Phred on Your Head Show theme song is a number performed at the beginning of all Phred on Your Head Show episodes.
Phred on Your Head Show Theme Still

A still from the theme song

Characters Singing


  • (name) x5
  • This is (name)'s very own personal theme song
  • On the Phred on Your Head Show (That's "Phred" with a P-H)
  • Now that your noggin's turned to Noggin, let's get noggin' along
  • On the Phred on Your Head Show (That's "Show" with an S-H)
  • With (name) as your host, we'll show your favorite shows, we'll hear about what you know, and play Pickles to Pluto
  • And check out what's online* (Hey that last line didn't rhyme!)
  • Did we mention online?
  • It's
  • It's where we get a lot of stuff and then we put it on the show (Hello!)
  • So let's end this song before it gets too long (Too late!)
  • (name) is our host with the most as you know
  • (Opening): And now without further ado, coming to you directly from (name)'s forehead.
  • (Closing): We've hoped you've enjoyed the Phred on Your Head Show with (name) as your host
  • It's the Phred (with a P-H) on Your Head Show!

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